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Visits to the place of apparitions and miracles of the virgin.
Here are some of the miracles:
In addition to the great future events like the Warning and the Miracle prophesied in Garabandal and still to happen, there are numerous prophecies of the Virgin in Garabandal that have already been fulfilled. Making an exhaustive list outweighs the purpose of this site.
One of these prophecies already fulfilled refers to the travels of future popes. At that time no Pope had left Italy, so it was something unexpected. Thus the Virgin in Garabandal said that the Pope would travel to the Holy Land and to Fatima. At this moment there are already three Popes who have fulfilled this prophecy.
Another of the prophecies referred to the sighted girls themselves, assuring them that they would deny seeing her. Indeed the four girls had moments of obfuscation in which they denied the apparitions, although when it was prophesied the Virgin seemed impossible.
In October 1962 the Bishop of the diocese of Santander imposed very restrictive conditions on priests and religious to visit San Sebastian de Garabandal. The Virgin prophesied that this prohibition would be lifted later, a fact which occurred in 1988 de facto.
To access Garabandal at the time of the apparitions there was only a steep dirt road. The Virgin assured them that before the Miracle there would be paved road to climb to Garabandal, which has already been fulfilled.
During the apparition period, girls frequently predicted dates of other extraordinary events that were always fulfilled. Among others are the date of the Milagruco (18 of July of 1962) and the one of the second public message of Garabandal (18 of June of 1965).

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